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Welcome to miniatureMOJO for wargaming miniatures and supplies.


We are home to Scavenge Skirmish Survive, our post apocalyptic project set immediately after a volcanic winter with characters and gangs scavenging and skirmishing as they fight the elements and each other to survive.


The SSS civilian survivors are our biggest range but we also carry modern/futuristic military types, infected humans (zombies), animals and other accessories.


As well as in our own game, our ranges can also be suitable for other modern (i.e., 20th/21st century) post-apocalyptic and near future wargaming settings, including games with aliens, vampires, zombies and Cthulhu, etc.


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SSS Civilian Survivors

ICE Containment Troopers

Winter Militia

Dogs & Wolves


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Generic Casualty Figures

Rager & Shambler Infected (Zombies)

Supplies & Equipment



*** NEWS ***


20th May 2016

A quick update to say we're still here and trading but further development of MM/SSS has had to take a bit of a backseat due to other issues (but rest assured orders are still despatched promptly!). Regarding the zombie rules for SSS, it does seem like everyone is doing dedicated zombie games these days.  We do still plan to introduce some 'infected' additions to SSS but it's a matter of time to 'get it right' and, realistically, whether the time invested will generate a commercial return in mini sales. We're still not keen to start charging for downloads or paper copies of the SSS rules. The other thing you might have noticed is that neither Facebook or Twitter are our comms of choice (that's email: Yeah, I know....) and so apologies if we have missed and therefore not replied to a comment on social media.



26th August 2015

 Stock levels are very low or exhausted on some lines as, for some time now, space and safety issues have meant that we have been unable to cast. We hope to be able to resume casting soon but, as previous target dates have been missed, are loathe to estimate when that will be. Having invested in masters, moulds and casting equipment we are keen to get the 'lead spinning' again and are grateful for your patience.



27th December 2014


To ensure that complications do not arise from the VAT changes for digital downloads that will be enacted after 31st December 2014, the free downloads have been moved out of the products pages and into a new section in the projects pages.  Please see projects menu to left.


10th December 2014


Some good news for international purchasers: free shipping has been reintroduced at spend rates of £20 for Channel Islands, £30 for Europe and £40 for Rest of World.  Below these spends there are small charges that do take some account of the free UK postage that is already built into pack pricing.  For example, an order of 1 or 2 packs of 4 minis will normally have additional postage of £0.49 for Channel Islands, £1.49 for Europe and £2.99 for RoW, whereas 3 packs will likely be free to the CI (as their 'spend £20 for free shipping' offer kicks in), £1.99 for Europe and £3.99 for RoW.  Other bands apply though as shipping weight will depend on the particular packs ordered, these are all examples only.  Please refer to our Conditions of Sale and our Shipping pages for terms.

25th November 2014


Packs of Wolves, Dogs (though we are temporarily short of the German Shepherds) have been added to the store alongside some BRAND NEW RELEASES, which are the ICE Trooper Specialists and our first pack of four Winter Militia. In all cases, the pack price INCLUDES UK POSTAGE. Where stocks are low, we'll be recasting soon.


The next additions to the store will be some or more of the Infected (including a new release), Supply markers, the SnowTrac vehicle kit and the first of our packs of British Cold Weather Soldiers with SA80s.


19th November 2014


The store now has live stock levels for the packs of SSS Survivors and ICE Troopers, each at the previous price of £7.99 but now including free UK postage, with additional postage per order of £4.99 and £6.99 for Europe and the Rest of World respectively (though as we have to limit total parcel weight to a maximum of 2kg for the UK and 1kg elsewhere, an additional fee might be due for heavier orders in which case we will contact you before shipping).


Please note that we are now no longer awarding loyalty points.  Any existing loyalty point balances can be used against product purchases up until midnight of 31st December 2014, after which the scheme wlll be withdrawn in entirity with all loyalty point balances reduced to zero.  Please see the Terms & Conditions page for full details of the loyalty point scheme including its withdrawal.


The next additions to live stock should be the Dogs and Wolves plus a new pack each of ICE Troopers and Winter Militia.


14th November 2014


Please note that for a short time the webstore will seem somewhat chaotic with missing products as well as zero stock levels: all should be sorted shortly, as the review and revamp of products, pricing and postage will soon be followed by a site relaunch.


Thanks for your patience.





24th July 2014


Please note that for a short time the webstore will be unable to accept purchases as all stock levels have been temporarily reduced to 0.


This action has been taken to ensure that we do not benefit from sales that might arise as a consequence  post to our Facebook page:


The post concerns the background to the locking of our account at The Miniatures Page, which occurred after we asked questions and sought clarification with regard to some seemingly related matters pertaining to minors (i.e., children aged under 18 years).  These matters have now been referred to the proper authorities for their consideration.


Our apologies to our customers for any inconvenience caused, especially those part way through completing projects, but stock levels will be reinstated as soon as possible.




Pro-painter Bugsda has painted some minis for us.  For bigger versions and more images, please check out the Bugsda Gallery.


Minis painted by Bugsda


Minis painted by Bugsda


Minis painted by Bugsda


More images and updates are in the WorkbenchGallery and Projects pages, while we are also adding more background and project info for Scavenge Skirmish Survive at its dedicated website:


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