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Vacuum-Form Buildings


The Vacuum-Form Buildings range will launch with a series of facades that can be be used as 3D textured surfaces to clad a foam board or other structure.  These facades are shaped in 0.5mm styrene (plasticard) from which they are cut and trimmed. To facilitate construction of the building cores, pdfs of the various wall, floor and roof templates will be provided as a free download (non-commercial use only).


The first facades are for our Scavenge Skirmish Survive game but stylistically they will also lend themselves to other 19th-21st century projects.  Our game requires accessible buildings and so the following examples are all three-sided with rear access but, if desired, the rear wall and roof section can also be added.


Due to the method of construction (sucked onto an internal mould rather than poured into an external mould), vacuum-formed facades can have softer detail than if produced as resin panels, but they are significantly lighter and arguably easier to cut, modify and convert.


The following images show what it is possible to achieve:


Completed building from vacuum formed parts


Completed building from vacuum formed parts


Completed building from vacuum formed parts


Completed building from vacuum formed parts


The above buildings will form part of the demo table for Scavenge Skirmish Survive and at the game's website ( there's more information on their specific painting and finishing.  For instructions on how to assemble and use the vacuum-form sheets, please see the assembly PDF's that are available from links in the specific product pages.


Vacuum-form parts required for a single detached home


Vacuum-form parts required for a connected terrace of two homes


The numbered references are to the parts that are required:


Vacuum-form building facades, part 01


Vacuum-form building facades, part 02


Vacuum-form building facades, part 03


Vacuum-form building facades, part 04


Vacuum-form building facades, part 05


Vacuum-form building facades, part 06


Vacuum-form building facades, part 07


Vacuum-form building facades, part 08


Vacuum-form building facades, part 09


To complement the buildings, we also have some pavement textures:


Vacuum-form building facades, part 10


Vacuum-form building facades, part 11


The above examples are all in white styrene, which is difficult to photograph as the camera tends not to properly focus, thereby losing the detail. Black styrene does a better job of showing the detail but suffers by reflecting the flash:


Vacuum-form building facades, example in black styrene


In due course we will add examples of assembled and painted buildings, which will bring out the somewhat obscured detail. In the meantime, the following work-in-progress images show stages from the assembly of a core made from 5mm foamboard onto which the templates were pasted, and the addition of the styrene facades to provide 3D texture (though the interior has yet to be fixed in place). Note that this building will be sited at the table edge, thus its interior is accessible from its rear.


Vacuum-form building facades, foamboard  core


Vacuum-form building facades, foamboard  core


NB: the following test used early forms of the facades that had softer detail and the current production output is much more refined. We also made modifications, including holes in the roof and an open door.


Vacuum-form building facades, styrene cladding


Vacuum-form building facades, styrene cladding