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Science-Fiction/Horror wargame/skirmish rules by Steve Marshall (aka Silent Invader) for 28mm Post Apocalyptic winter games.  This is a BETA version of the rules.


To download the PDF (1474kb), simply click on the following link:




These rules are copyright Steve Marshall (aka Silent Invader).


NB: BETA 3.02 had changes from the previous version:
Inclusion of more images. Provision made for rubble piles and loose ladders. Some modifications to bow and rifle use. Introduction of the catapult, ice axe and ‘over & under’ shotgun. Provision of an optional rule for obsolete firearms. Added sections for a Parts List and a Version History. Fine-tuning of the Character Cards to reflect the next planned release of miniatures and correct some omissions.


NB: BETA 3.03 has changes from the previous version:
Clarification of the continuation of flight rule (p.10). New optional rule to allow the wielding of two short weapons at the same time for characters with the special quality of Fighting & Shooting. Scavenge Skirmish Survive now a Registered Trademark and other changes to Credits & Permissions.


Samy Maronnier, a French gamer and friend of SSS, has kindly created a French translation of the rules and the PDF can be downloaded at the following link (241kb):



The following MS Word document can be used to create personal or custom Character Cards. (36kb)




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