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Scavenge Skirmish Survive Pack SSS-H

Scavenge Skirmish Survive Pack SSS-H
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Item MM151 (Barcode: 13131517)


Four 28mm miniatures of cold weather civilians, one each of male and female adults that can be assembled either unarmed or armed, and one each of  male and female children.. The miniatures are cast from white metal* and are supplied with a 25mm (adult) or 20mm (child) dia plastic slotted base.


The adult miniatures are supplied in parts and require assembly.  The male assembly options are with either the two separately cast empty hands or with two hands cast holding the weapon.  The female assembly options are with either the separately cast empty right hand or with the right hand holding an MP5, and a separately cast head.


These miniatures correspond to Characters 29 or 33, and 30 or 34, and 31 and 32, in our free-to-download Scavenge Skirmish Survive post-apocalyptic wargames ruleset.


As well as in our own game, the models can also be suitable for other modern (i.e., 20th/21st century) post-apocalyptic and near future wargaming settings, including games with vampires, zombies and Cthulhu, etc.


For photographic purposes, the pictured models have been prepared with a scalpel, secured to a base,  then painted with black Indian Ink to emphasise recesses and other detail.  Please note that the supplied models will require preparation, basing,  painting and other finishing.


Sculpted by WiffWaff (the adult female head and MP5 are by Hasslefree Miniatures)


*Important Health and Safety Information: This is not a toy.  Our models must not be given to children aged 15 or under; they contain lead and sharp points and small parts and may be harmful if chewed or swallowed.